Our Process


Business Needs Consultation &

Upon your expression of interest in Porter F&B trailers, we engage in a detailed discussion to understand your unique business needs and requirements. Subsequently, we provide a comprehensive proposal that includes a price quote and a layout configuration. Our proposal is tailored to offer the optimal solution for your business, encompassing all the necessary specifications to ensure a successful inspection.


Financing Coordination &
Design Development

If financing is required, we facilitate a connection with our financial partners. We require a 75% deposit of the total price before the commencement of production and the remaining 25% upon the delivery of the product. In parallel, we initiate discussions regarding the exterior design to incorporate your branding effectively. Utilizing the information you provide, we create initial mock-upsand, through three collaborative sessions, we finalize the exterior design to your satisfaction.


Production Commencement &
Timeline Estimation

Upon receipt of the 75% payment and finalization of all deliverables and contracts, our engineering and manufacturing teams begin their work with diligence and efficiency. The estimated time frame for delivery is 12 to 16 weeks, which may vary depending on the status of external supply chain channels. Please be advised that any requests for changes to the agreed-upon deliverables will be subject to evaluation and will be quoted separately.


Delivery Coordination &
Virtual Training

The fourth phase is dedicated to coordinating a smooth and hassle-free delivery process. Whether you opt for direct delivery to your location or prefer to pick up the unit yourself, we ensure a seamless transition. To ensure your operation is up and running efficiently from the outset, we provide a comprehensive virtual training program. This program is designed to help you utilize your new system to its maximum potential, empowering you to capitalize on your investment from day one.

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