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We specialize in innovative mobile units to help you save labor costs, and grow your margin all while keeping your guests happy. Our most popular unit, the Pourter Bar, is designed to do just that.

The Pourter Bar features a custom dual ice bin system or a display ice bin that can showcase up to 300 beverages, making it easy for guests to see and choose their favorite drinks. With options for draft beer and cocktail systems, you can easily serve drinks quickly and efficiently, saving on labor costs.

Our draft cocktail units are a game-changer, grossing up to 3k per hour while requiring minimal staff. Not only that, but the units also feature hot holding for food, providing your guests with a complete meal and drink experience.  From frozen drink machines,  kegerators, bar shelves, speed ovens, and much more food and beverage equipment that can be added to the bar carts. You can provide a wider range of drinks to your guests, increasing their satisfaction and bringing in more revenue.

At Pourter, our team of food and beverage experts understands the importance of labor savings and guest satisfaction. Our mobile bars are designed to help you achieve both, with easy-to-use systems that allow your staff to serve more guests with less effort. Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your business.

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Layout and Design

  • Layout designed to your menu/needs
  • Designed for flow, function and speed
  •  Exceeds current health and safety codes
  • Low labor, low overhead, high margins

Electric/Battery and Solar

  • Quiet Pollution free performance
  • Operate on or Off Grid indoors or outdoors 
  • Decide your own energy needs no generator required
  • Tax incentives and cutting edge technology

360° of advertising

  • Lit LED branding, ad and menu panels
  • Branded exterior design 
  • Customize your message to your customers
  • Opportunities for passive income, ad sales and sponsorships